My All Natural Skincare Routine

natural skincare routine

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever chat about a natural skincare routine and getting rid of acne, I would have told you you were crazy.

For as long as I can remember I have had pretty terrible skin.  I have tried every over the counter and doctor prescribed ointment every created.  Nothing would heal it.

It wasn’t until I started looking to heal it from WITHIN that I started to noticed a difference.   

It all began with my self diagnosis of hormones imbalances.  After reading up on some common symptoms, I wanted to try some healthy ways to get them back on track.  

But that’s not why you are here today, today I wanted to chat about what I have done SINCE healing my skin from within to keep it healthy.  

After trying every chemical known to mankind on my face I knew I needed a detox from all the crap.  

I won’t spare you with the details of how bad some of that stuff is for you, but instead will just strongly encourage you to look through your cleansers, lotions, etc and read some of the ingredient lists.  

You too will want to toss them all out!  (And by toss I obviously mean recycle them properly…because the planet needs you to).

After some trial and error and lots of internet research I have found a regimen that has been working AMAZING for my skin (more specific my face).  

The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup…(My Best Friend’s Wedding anyone?).

Step One: Drink Water
This has never been one of my strong suites, but it is soooooo important.  I try to drink 8-12 ounces first thing when I wake up.  

It’s so important for body and skin health.  A good rule of them is to drink half your body in water.  Ex: if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink AT LEAST 75 ounces of water each day.  

It will help flush out any bad toxins your body and you’ll notice extra glowing skin 😉

Step Two: Toner
I workout first thing in the morning, but try very hard to not use face wash at all in the shower.  

Instead I use a Rose Water Toner.  I spritz it on my face the second I get out of the shower and let it dry on my face.  (Find my homemade rose water recipe HERE).

It has been found that rose water has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce redness from irritated skin.  

It has also been linked to diminishing acne, dermatitis and eczema.  Rose water also aids in removing oil and dirt that gets into pores.  

I currently buy this at our local co-op, but have it on my lists of homemade things to try!  

Step Three: Aloe Vera
Next I needed to find a better lotion.  I will admit that I didn’t use lotion as much as I should have, seeing as I already had oily skin I didn’t wait to do anything to make that worse.  

I know it doesn’t work that way, but in my mind it did.

I read about all the healing properties of aloe vera and decided to give it a try.  Not only was it noted as a great, gentle lotion it was all praised for helping with acne scarring (which I of course had some of).  

Step Four: Makeup
Here is one of my CHEAP skin saving products: ELF Acne Fighting Foundation.  It is $6 and a miracle worker.  

I pair it with homemade pressed powder (find my HOW TO here).

By the time I got home from a long day of makeup wearing my skin was usually oily and had about five new pimples.  I can honestly say that now I rarely break out during the day and my skin is (almost) shine proof.  

Step Five: Makeup Remover
First thing, get yourself some amazing little reusable cotton pads.  They come in handy with SO many beauty things and are especially great for makeup removal.  Organic cotton is easy on the skin and reusable keeps wastes out of the garbage!

Along with those I just spray some witch hazel with rosehips on the cloth and wipe down my face.  (I buy Thayers, but am also hoping to start making this from home for a zero waste option!).  

Step Six: Face Wash
I used to swear by products with microbeads in them, because I insisted that was the only way my face REALLY got clean.  

But I found out just how awful and irritating it can be for your sensitive facial skin.  I ALSO learned that those microbeads were indeed made of plastic.  Not only did I not want plastic in contact with my skin every day, those microbeads all washed down my drain into lakes and oceans harming our wildlife.  

So out went the microbeads and in came an all natural replacement.  I currently use EveryDay Coconut face wash which is effective at removing dirt but super gentle on the skin.  

I just recently started using this, so may explore other options and homemade options, but am loving this one so far!  

Final Step:
Because I am used to putting ointment on my skin right before bed I sometimes will spray a little more rose water, especially if it’s that time of the month and breakouts are inevitable.  

Other great options are essentials oils and tea tree oil.

Hope this helps you clean up your bathroom counter and clean up your skin!

with love,

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