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miakoda vegan fashion

I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember and actually dreamed of landing a big marketing job with on of my favorite brands someday.

After adopting a vegan lifestyle though, my love for the couture fashion industry quickly changed.  I had never put it together that the luxury handbags I was eyeing up at my local mall were the product of such a cruel industry.

Where I used to see a gorgeous leather handbag I now couldn’t escape the fact of where it came from.  I knew I could longer support such companies and still consider myself an ethical vegan.  I gave it all up and committed to never buying those products again.

But I quickly started wondering, where WAS I going to buy clothes?  It resulted in a couple years of me buying very little new clothing and I started to feel I was going to have to give up my love for fashion for good.  

That was until I started diving more into sustainability and eco friendly lifestyle changes.  I stumbled across some amazing brands that were not only keeping cruelty out of the equation, but were also making clothes responsibly.  

Let me just tell you, Instagram is a WONDERFUL thing.  It opened my eyes to so many designers who were doing it RIGHT and whose mission I could support.  (Check out our guide to Sustainable Fashion).

This is where I came across Miakoda.  I was instantly drawn to their clean look and branding.  So sleek, modern, cutting edge.  

And even better yet, amazing vegan clothing designed by VEGANS.  

Miakoda was started in 2013 by two sisters.  Both having been vegans for about two years realized how difficult it was to find companies that aligned with their values, especially clothing companies. 

I recently spoke to Laura, one of the amazing founders and she commented that veganism to them is a life free of cruelty to animals, humans and the planet.

They found eliminating toxins from their diet was quite simple when eating a completely plant based, mostly organic menu.  

“But we found that eliminating fast fashion, clothing made from toxic materials/animal fibers, that promoted fair and clean working conditions for the garment workers hard to come by”, Laura noted.

So, after her sister, Julia, graduated from Parsons School of Design they set out to create Miakoda.

“Our mission is to give people the options that we look for in clothing– eco friendly, animal friendly, human friendly, and super comfortable to promote a fluid and unrestricted lifestyle of movement and ease.”

All of their clothing is made from organic and eco friendly materials, mainly cotton, bamboo and soy blends.  Each item is made in their ethical NYC based factory which the two often visit.  

“Our goal is to create more options for people who are looking for ethical and sustainable clothing, but also to create clothing that people who aren’t aware of the harmful practices of traditional manufacturing and production would want to wear– allowing them to make an impact purely by purchasing something they found “cute” or “would look good in their closet.”

And cute they are!  Each item clearly has design and wearability in mind before creation.   They are versatile and their minimalist design allows for their pieces to work well with any ensemble. 

As a vegan myself I am SO thankful for women like this pushing the envelope.  Encouraging us to think deeper about where our clothing is coming from and who might be harmed in the process.  

THIS is the future of fashion and I am very excited to see how they continue to grow.  Check out their whole line HERE

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