How to Make Rose Water, All Natural & Zero Waste

Rose water is all the craze these days.  So, I set out to make rose water to skip the plastic and the price tag!

I have found multiple recipes for both my beauty routine and in the kitchen.

Later this week we’ll get up a recipe for Raspberry & Rose Lemonade Kombucha Cocktails!

I had been using a rose water toner for awhile and really loved it, but didn’t love the small plastic bottle it came in.

So in the spirit of reducing wastes, I set out to make my own homemade rose water with zero waste!

When first looking in to adding this elixir to my beauty routine I did some digging on the benefits of rose water.

1.  Rose Water helps maintain the PH balance of you skin and helps reduce excess oils
2. It helps naturally moisturize the skin leaving a healthy, non oily glow
3. It is anti-inflammatory which helps keep redness and skin irritations like acne at bay
4. Rose water is also anti-bacterial which helps heal scars and cuts
5. It also is an anti-oxidant which helps the overall appearance and health of the skin

That’s a long list of goodies packed into a flower that typically just sits in a vase!

And it is crazy easy to make, so why spend the money on the over priced store bought versions?

What you’ll need: 
Rose Petals (I used both red and pink, from my research it doesn’t seem to matter!)
Distilled/ Filtered Water

Start by adding your petals to a small sauce pan and (just barely) cover them with your filtered water.  Don’t add too much water or the result will be too diluted.

Bring water to a simmer and let sit for about 30 minutes.

You’ll notice your roses lose their color, once they are mostly faded you can remove from heat.

Let cool and then strain out the petals.

Transfer rose water to a spray bottle or other storage container.  Keep in the fridge to increase shelf life.

I personally spray the rose water right onto my skin after taking a shower.  It helps set my skin for the day and help reduce redness.

It have unfortunately bad skin and this seems to really help set my skin surface for the day before I put on make up and reduces the redness.

(Read my full all natural beauty routine HERE).

Here are a couple other great recipes to try:
Make Up Setting Spray
Sugar Scrub
Anti Frizz Spray

Or give these Rosewater Lemonade Kombucha Cocktails a try!

Well, there you have it folks!  Super easy, zero waste homemade rose water.

If you give it a try, please let me know!  Would love to hear how you like it.

with love,

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