8 Eco Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts that are also good for Mother Earth

eco friendly gifts

Looking for a gift that mom will love but that won’t have a negative impact on Mother Earth?  Check out our round up of the best eco friendly Mother’s Day gifts!
After all every day is Earth Day here at The Go Green Collective, so it is only fitting for us to help you find the perfect gift while keeping the planet in mind.

1. Plants
I have never been a big advocate for fresh flowers as the global impact the flower industry has is very widespread, but plants on the other hand, I am all about.  

Check out your local greenhouse to find indoor plants that help purify the air (like THESE) or even a tree sapling she can plant in the back yard.  

Fresh flowers aren’t cheap, so you might as well buy something that she will get to enjoy for years versus a couple days.  

2.  Bulbs
Bulbs are another great alternative to fresh flowers.  Pick out some spring bulbs that she can plant now and enjoy all summer.  

Flowers will look gorgeous in her yard and are also a friend of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds!

3.  Herbs
Lastly on our plant list, herbs.  You can buy starter herbs and arrange them in cute pots or jars that she can display on her kitchen window.  

Not only can she use them in cooking but they will help make the house smell amazing.  My favorite are basil, lavender, chives and rosemary.  

4. Homemade Beauty Products
One of my favorite things to gift anyone, for any reason, is homemade beauty products.  Over the last few months I have come to love making my own mixtures from scratch so that I can make vegan, all natural and zero waste gifts.

Some great ideas for mom would be bath bombs, salt scrubs, and perfume.  

5.  Infused Oils and Salts
Cooking products are also a great idea for mom.  This past Christmas I made my mother dearest infused olive oils and sea salts for her to use when cooking.  

They were so easy to make and she loved them!  They were also so much cheaper than store bought products, too.  Win, win.  

HERE is my recipe for infused oils.  

6.  Reusable Items
Help mom stock up on everything from reusable shopping bags to a new eco friendly water bottle.  

It may not be the most glamorous of gift baskets, but she’ll be sure to use it all.  Pick up some produce bags, coffee mug, glass straws, and mason jars to help her make the jump to less wastes.

7.  Bird/ Butterfly Feeder
These kinds of crafts are not my forte, but make mom a simply bird or butterfly feeder to place in her yard.     I don’t know who wouldn’t enjoy watching birds swing by your window to munch on the feeder.

8.  Sustainable Jewelry and Clothes
I love supporting fashion businesses who are doing it the right way!  

My favorite items for mom are these robes from Sudara and the gorgeous jewelry and home goods from Raven and Lily.  

Both companies have sustainable practices and make a positive impact for their employees.

All these items are sure to make your mother feel loved while keeping Mother Earth in mind.  

We want to hear from you, what sustainable gifts are top on your list?  

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