Sustainable Fashion Spotlight: Boody Wear Brand

boody wear

One of the BIGGEST things I want to do with this site is talk about sustainability and showcase amazing companies who are dedicated to that.  This is the first in what I hope will be many showcases on brands in sustainable fashion.


As I have mentioned in previous posts, I love fashion.  In my earlier years I was all about fast fashion and getting as many items as I could for the money I had on hand.  

I never once thought about the consequences of this mentality until one day I opened my overflowing closet and couldn’t find a damn thing to wear.  

All my items were either stretched out, no longer “in style” or just pieces I didn’t love and feel amazing in.  

That realization catapulted me into a New Year’s Resolution of not buying ANY new clothing item.  Nothing brand new or second hand.  

I wanted to take that time to dig deep into my current wardrobe and spend a year really developing MY style.  I had always been a slave to the fashion industry but couldn’t tell you what classic pieces fit my shape and personality.  

That year I learned a lot about me, fashion and how I wanted to approach my closet once I gave myself the green light to shop.  

The biggest change was switching from fast fashion items to classic, well made pieces.  

I didn’t know it at the time but I started creating what you would call nowadays a capsule wardrobe, a closet with carefully selected pieces that I love, that are timeless and well made.  

In this quest I have since started looking for more sustainable brands as well.  A Fendi handbag is very well made, but this vegan girl could no longer ignore the leather body.  

I started looking for brands that used sustainable materials like organic cotton and bamboo, companies that had great labor conditions for all, and who truly cared about their product and the impact it had on the world.  

One of the companies I stumbled upon was Boody Wear.  

Born in 2011 in Australia they are taking fashion essentials and sustainable fashion to a new level.  They have a line full of black and white minimalist pieces, including leggings, undergarments and comfy tees.  

Their items are made from organic bamboo which is grown sustainably, without pesticides, or artificial irrigation.  Bamboo is easy on the most sensitive skin and the product results in a soft almost silky fabric.  It is also hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal.  

What makes bamboo so sustainable is the fact that it improves air quality by 30 percent where it is grown and it grows very fast, allowing it to be cut down but regenerate quickly (up to 3 feet per day.)

And just when I was SOLD on this company already, I found some info on their ZERO WASTE production process.  Yep, you read that right, they are also dedicated to zero waste manufacturing.  

Once the bamboo is spun into yarn it is treated with natural dyes and they use computer knitting which results in no fabric wasted.  

And lastly on the list of the amazing practices of this company is their dedicating to giving back.  1% of their proceeds go to environmental causes while they themselves are dedicated to planet conservation and ethics.

boody wear

I would think anyone could see why I LOVE this company.  Their pieces have helped me round out my minimalist wardrobe.  Each item is simple, well made and very versatile.  

For more information on their products and their mission, head over to their website.

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