8 Amazing Aloe Vera Health Benefits

I recently discovered all the amazing aloe vera health benefits and I just had to share!  From helping acne to digestion, this is a must have for all holistic households.

Here is just a little list of the all that aloe has going for it.  

Aloe vera contains antioxidant vitamins A, C and E along with vitamin b12, folic acid and choline.

It includes eight enzymes which help the overall function of the body.  It also has multiple minerals including calcium, copper, selenium, and zinc.  

Aloe vera also has 12 natural laxatives and four fatty acids that provide anti-inflammatory results.  

The hormones auxins and gibberellins present which help heal wounds and also have anti-inflammatory properties.

All this is one little aloe plant, which you can pick up at the store for $12.  

Here are some common ailments where aloe is your new best friend.

1. Aides in Digestion
As I mentioned above, aloe vera has natural laxatives which helps things, um, keep moving.  

It also normalizes acid/ alkaline and pH balance, encourages digestive bacteria, lowers yeast, and helps bowel processing.  

2.  Relieves Constipation
This one seems pretty obvious after mentioning aloe vera’s digestive enzymes.  Drink aloe vera juice twice a day has been noted to help with constipation and naturally loosen bowels.  

3. Heals Acne
This is where I first really saw the benefits of aloe.  After reading up on it, I bought some all natural aloe gel from our co-op.  

It has drastically decreased my new break outs and has never looked better.  

4. Reduces Scarring
This is another HUGE thing that aloe vera has helped me with.  

From years of having trouble with acne, I was left with some acne scarring on my face.  

It was embarrassing and just  couldn’t find something that helped that, until aloe.  In the course of about 6 week now my acne scarring is disappearing before my eyes.  It’s truly amazing.  

5. Soothes Skin and Rashes
This is the aloe vera use most people are familiar with.  Aloe is very often used for treating rashes and even sunburn.  

It is a natural moisturizer and the enzymes and vitamins help repair and build new skin cells.

6.  Heals Cold Sores
This probably doesn’t come as a surprise after learning about it’s skin helping properties, but aloe vera is also a great natural remedy for cold sores.

It has been known to speed up the healing and recovery process from those pesky sores.  

7.  Boosts Immune System
Aloe vera can actually take the proteins that we eat and break them down into enzymes that then fuel every cell in our body!  Pretty legit.

Zinc is also found in aloe vera.  Zinc deficiency is actually quite common but is essential for a healthy body.  

It helps ward off diseases, kill bacteria, and protect the cell membranes.  

8. Reduces Inflammation
Inflammation has been shown as the root of many diseases.  Aloe vera is full of vitamins and minerals that fight free radical damage and reduce inflammation.  

Antioxidants that are present also fight damage from cigarettes smoke and UV rays, protection against cancer.

It is clear to see why this plant is being called miracle plant.  It can be used straight from the plant, bought in a cell or a juice and even in pills.  

Depending on what ailment you are looking to treat will determine which form you should take.  

Obviously when using as a moisturizer or for acne, you’ll want the gel form.  This can be taken directly from the live plant or buy gel at a health food store.  THIS is the brand I currently get. 

Now, I am not a doctor, so I highly recommend doing a little research before determining the product needed and dose.  Luckily, aloe vera is all natural, so very little side effects could come from the use of it.  But, check with your doc to be sure.  

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Aloe Vera Health Benefits
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