8 Tips to a Happier Year

2017 is going to be MY YEAR!  Anyone else with me on this?

I am dedicating myself to a mindful, conscious, sustainable life.  Overall just live out loud and be happy.   Cheers to a happier year!

Easier said than done though.  Every Monday morning I say I am going to LIVE happy.  But between my morning commute, work stress and everything in between, I lose sight of that pretty quickly.  Someone please tell me I am not the only one?

But as I start this year I know I am ready for a change, a better, more positive life.  

Here is how I plan on achieving that:

1.  Say Goodbye to anyone that doesn’t bring you joy
That friend that always complains and gossips?  Hangout with her less or not at all.  It may sound harsh, but you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you surround yourself with 4 grumpy people, you’ll become the 5th.  If you surround yourself with 4 happy people you’ll become the 5th.  

Life is simply too short to spend it with people who do not make you happy.

2. Declutter and simplify your life
We all know by now that things do not bring happiness.  Take this quote to heart:

“Have nothing in your you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”
-William Morris

Go through your closet and toss out anything you haven’t worn this year.  Donate your old books, movies and anything else.  

Learning to live with less is a great step to leading a more peaceful, mindful life.  
3. Be present
Life speeds by too fast the way it is.  Take time to slow down.  

While eating dinner with your family or during your yoga class be ALL there.  Put the phone on silent, tune out to the list of to dos in your head, stop checking your watch for the time.  

Being present is one of the best ways to truly enjoy every minute of your life.  Take a deep breath, take it all in, be grateful for where you are NOW.

4. Fake it until you make it
There surely will be days where you are just not feeling it.  Just by faking a smile you are likely to turn your mood around.  

So slap on a simply, think happy thoughts and before you know it you won’t be pretending any more.

5. Sweat it out
“Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy!” Anyone else obsessed with Legally Blonde??

But in all honest, add some sweat sessions to your routine  Whether you love hot yoga, running or weight training, just get out and DO IT.  I can promise it will be an instant mood booster, AND will keep your mood up!

The trick: find an exercise you LOVE to do.  Try a spin class.  Check out aerial pilates.  Maybe horseback riding is your thing.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Just as long as you enjoy it!

6. Volunteer
Find an organization that you are passionate about and volunteer your time.  

Not only does working for a CAUSE give you a boost, but you’ll meet other people who are passionate about similar things to you!  It’s a win – win!

Eric and I have been volunteering at a local rescue for quite some time now.  It is such a rewarding and humbling experience to help animals in need, seeing as we are HUGE animal lovers.  

It also really helps you focus on things that truly matter and make you so grateful for everything you do have in life.

7. Get outside more
I know, I know I live in the freezing cold too.  But they don’t call Vitamin D the happiness pill for no reason!  

Sometimes it’s a true struggle, but we try to peel ourselves off the couch every weekend and get out and about.  Even just running errands or going for a short walk.  Fresh air does wonders for your mood! Not to mention TV is usually a happiness killer, so again, win win.

More sunshine, less TV!

8.  Be grateful who you are and what you have
Gratitude is something I am also trying to be better at.  We always compare ourselves to others.  We wish we had their skin, their curves, their wardrobe.  We always say we’ll be happier when we make more money, lose the weight, meet the right spouse.

Stop comparing and stop waiting.  Be happy NOW.  Be grateful for the wonderful life that you have now.  Stop waiting for tomorrow, life is happening now <3

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  • Thank you for the great ideas! My struggle has definitely been finding an exercise I actually enjoy doing- granted I haven’t put in much effort to find what that is.

    • It is definitely key to find something you enjoy! Take a little time to try all sorts of different things and I am sure you’ll find something you love!

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